Terminated Quartz Crystal Magic Wand

Hand-Crafted Wand That Has a Terminated Quartz Crystal Point

Quartz Crystal Point Wands

When you stumbled upon a wand sporting a terminated quartz crystal, we should know that it can be a tremendous healer. Quartz is known as a healing crystal and it's useful for transmuting restorative healing energies. When the terminated quartz crystal point is aimed away from the your body, it's going to direct the negative energies off your body and when it's aimed at yourself, it's going to channel that curative energy inward. They can help to harmonize people in a group of people. They can be used to aid organization of a multitude of tasks for instance such as homework, writing or strategic plans. Other stones and crystals can certainly be cleared by resting them on a cluster of quartz and quartz cluster can be utilized to spark and boost the energy sources of a variety of other crystals and gemstones. Magical wands really are amazing healers whenever they combine quartz crystal into their energy. If you lack a Quartz Crystal Wand as part of your stockpile, then you most definitely will need to give some thought to incorporating one. It's healing energies are incredible!

Every one of these Wands are hand made and can range in looks and measurement. These are manufactured with pine shafts and feature solid copper wire wrapped around them to really concentrate their energies. At the tip of the magic wand is a quartz crystal. Total length of each and every Wand is approximately 11" long. Please allow for minimal variations, since these are completely unique wands that are constructed from natural raw materials.

Important features of this spectacular Magical Terminated Quartz Crystal Point Wand include:

~ A Quartz crystal for directing warm waves of energy

~ Copper wire wrap to produce focused energy levels

~ Pine Shaft for adding more healing waves of energy

~ All natural materials - no glues

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