Ebony Wiccan Ritual Wands

Real Magic Wiccan Ebony Ritual Wands

Created out from a single piece of Gaboon Ebony by hand, every one of these Ebony Wiccan Ritual Wands is actually a potent uniquely built device that creates a highly effective acquisition to your ritual magic and spells If you're hunting for a Real Magic Ebony Pagan Wand that's destined to work as a potent channel for protection spells you could work with, then an Magic Wiccan Ebony Wand is every thing you are looking for. They heighten powers that make them ideally suited for any kind of spell or ritual you might need to conduct. When employing God and Goddess wizardry, the Magic Pagan Ebony Wands darker coloring can work effectively with any other lighter hued magic wand that you might own to level out the energies. Each Real Ebony Wicca Wand is completely unique unto on their own as they are all hand made. They're going to average around 14" long. Make sure you bear in mind that every single wand is completely unique and may vary in size, shape and pigmentation. Each and every magic wand will arrive with a cloth protection bag.

Each Real Magic Witches Ebony Wand will feature:

~ Each Wand is crafted from Solid Gaboon Ebony

~ Each of these Real Magic Ebony Wands are Potent conduits for magic or spell work

~ Each Magic Witch Ritual Ebony Wand will come with it's own cloth carrying bag

~ Each and every Real Magic Ebony Wand is estimated at 14" from the base to the tip of the wand

Real Magic Wicca Ebony Wands