Magic Witch Ritual Rosewood Wand

~ Twisted Structure w/ Shiny Steel Conductor Rod, Crystal Quartz, & Garnet Accents

Magic Witches Rosewood Wands

Whenever you think of deep, rich red pieces of furniture or musical instruments, you may be thinking of Honduras Rosewood. This valuable timber has been used throughout the ages for workings of the finest quality. It is no different in today's times. Very strong and rugged, Honduras Rosewood trees are able to grow to startling elevations, with their resilient and strong branches typically joining the top of the tropical forests wherein they rise. Honduras Rosewood maintain great longevity and are loaded in earthly properties. Due to this fact, Rosewood real magic wands produce an added turbocharge to earth based spell work and any practice that will incorporate the woods will certainly gain advantage by way of the magical powers of the Magic Rosewood Wand. Rosewood is also recognized as being a highly potent assistant in strengthening charms and love spells. All of these hand crafted Rosewood Wands likely will get delivered at about 16" long, but due to the fact that they are actually hand-crafted, you will get a wand that is uniquely yours as each one of these is different from the other. Regardless of whether you feel the need to get much more in-tuned with your nature practice or if your planning to enhance some loving enchantment into your existence, you won't go wrong with this gorgeous Rosewood Witch Wand!

Features of Magic Wicca Ritual Rosewood Wands:

~ 100 % made by hand from Honduras Rosewood

~ Metallic conductor rod, crystal quartz ball and point, in addition to garnet gemstone ornaments

~ Is sold with added bonus matching crystal quartz and also a garnet gemstone divination pendulum; Multi-faceted quartz pendulum crystal is a high quality cut that is sporting 12 facets

~ Velvet pendulum bag has Magic Symbol design will also be bundled as a free gift to the purchaser!

~ Quite strong and sturdy

~ Lends effectiveness to every nature related spell work

~ Powerful aid in strengthening charm spells and love spells

~ Approximately 7 to 8" long

Rosewood Ritual Wands