Real Magic Witches Ritual Rosewood Wand

Real Rosewood Wiccan Ritual WandsHaving deep red, darkish brown, and black shades, Rosewood from Honduras is perhaps most popular due to its utilization in top-notch woodworking for example customized cabinetry and home furniture, as well as composition of musical instruments. Rosewood trees from Honduras are titans amidst the jungles and are often as tall as the highest trees out there. It's a remarkably robust and long lasting wood that will probably outlive the best types of wood. This kind of endurance and the exceptional, earthy characteristics of the wood gives power to virtually any earth-related spell that a wand crafted of Honduras Rosewood is implemented in, especially any time the spell craft or ritual incorporates woodlands and the powers that take up residence within. For that increased boost to charm and love spells, Rosewood is what you are shopping for when you consider that this excellent wood resonates on those 'through the heart' pathways. This Magic Rosewood Pagan Wand is approximately 16" in length, these traditionally fashioned real pagan wands may differ marginally in length and width and appearance, because they are handcrafted to perform with the purely natural grain and aesthetic of the wood. Should this be your first wand or if you should currently have a very good assortment, introducing a Real Magic Rosewood Witch Wand to your personal spell work will certainly be unforgettable!

Features of Magic Rosewood Wands:

~ Fully made by hand from Rosewood from Honduras

~ Strong and sturdy

~ Adds strength to virtually any nature related spell

~ Powerful help with empowering charm spells and love spells

~ More or less 16" long

Rosewood Wicca Wands