Rustic Willow Wood Magic Wicca Ritual Wand

Wiccan Willow Wands
Willow wood is undoubtedly a wood material often associated with mysticism and magic, and its linked by many people with a large selection of spellbinding properties. Genuine willow wood is very mystical and is tremendously significant to witch, sorcerer and wiccan equally. It's long been connected with the Moon and it's solid bond with Death. With regard to these two factors, it can certainly be a dynamic addition in castings intended to protect against evil or in serving those that are trying to summon spirits, and also aiding in rituals that include things like love and restoration. This magic willow wand definitely is hand-crafted with good intent. Due to this handcrafting, every last of these unique willow wands will vary in natural grain and knots. These genuine magic willow wands have a measurement anywhere between 13" to 16" in overall length and are generally from 1/2" to 1" in width.

Qualities of this hand-made real magik willow wand:

~ Crafted with loving care!

~ Every willow wand is one of-a-kind unto itself!

~ Will be up to 16" long!

~ Is going to heighten your natural casting abilities!

Magic Willow Witch Ritual Wands