Magic Lignum Vitae Wands

Lignum Vitae Wands

If your on the lookout for an extraordinarily durable and strong magic wand, then you'll need to turn to a Real Magic Lignum Vitae Wand. This type of timber is indeed so thick and hard that it will not even float. You heard right, set it in water and it will sink! Better-known by a variety of other names, like "Guayacan," Greenheart," along with "Iron Wood," the name Lignum Vitae also translates to "wood of life." This is perhaps considering that it's widely known as a powerhouse aid in preserving health and wellness, and can be a potent element in spells and ritual work with such focus. Its solid attributes can also be demonstrated in the effectiveness it is able to offer to workings of shielding. The Wand captures an old-fashioned feel and design, measuring approximately 14" long. Created skillfully by hand to reflect the purely natural magnificence and grain of the wood, each Lignum Vitae Wiccan Wand differ to some degree from all other pieces.

Characteristics of the Lignum Vitae Wand Consist of:

~ Remarkably strong magical wood

~ Incredibly tough and strong

~ Made of Lignum Vitae called the "Wood of Life"

~ Crafted skillfully by hand

~ Approximately 14" in total length

Real Magic Lignum Vitae Wands