Real Magic Healing Copper Wand

Magic Copper Healing Wands

All throughout mankind's historical background, copper has long been connected together with curing. Should it be implemented in combination with quartz crystals, it transmutes into a highly potent Magic Healing Copper Wand. Ancient man understood copper as being an absolutely essential healing compound, and also has long been put into use as an effective curing metal, especially for osteoporosis and rheumatism. As though this weren't enough, copper is in addition thought to generate good luck to it's holder. When put to use in spell work and rituals mainly based on bringing good fortune, it can heighten those powers.

Reported by the ancient myths, copper has the capacity to transfer spiritual energy back and forth between individuals, the mind and the spirit realm and crystals and auras. It's also believed that copper has the strength to heighten thoughts while transmitting and accepting psychic messages. A Healing Copper Wand is also used to increase the 1st Chakra, the Root Chakra as well as the fourth Chakra when preparing for meditating. It can also really focus virtually all forms of energy.

If you're wanting to maximize the output of crystals or gemstones, set them in or near copper and their specific qualities will become more potent. It is also true when copper contacts the human body, it is said to elevate the intensity of one's personal energy. Copper also increases the energy levels of silver, gold and other precious metals.

Below are some of the stones that become extremely powerful when kept close to copper:


An exquisite handmade Copper Wand employing a small genuine quartz crystal ball mounted to one end of the wand and a clear terminated crystal point on the other. Small garnet gemstones encircle on both ends of the wand, set in place into the silver rings. The Real Copper Healing Wands are approximately seven and a half inches to eight inches from tip to tip, with some difference given that they are hand-made.

Magic Healing Copper Wands