Agate Chakra Healing Witch Wand

Real Agate Chakra Healing Witch Ritual Wands
The Real Magic Agate Chakra Healing Witches Wand is definitely the perfect tool with regard to helping to funnel your energy for healing and restoration and all kinds of other intentions. Making use of the attributes of quartz crystals, the Magic Agate Chakra Wand is surely an amazing apparatus of magical qualities. From top to bottom it incorporates quite possibly the most divine examples of Agate in 7 colors, with each symbolizing one of the seven Chakras. Utilize this to help you to discover your Chakras and work using these abundance of energies or to evaluate, decontaminate, and equalize the energy resources of others with a restored center and interconnection.

As though 7 Agate gems just weren't good enough to give a boost to this Real Agate Chakra Healing Witches Wand, additionally it contains a quartz crystal point in the bottom end of the wand which is attached by using a silver-plated ornamental circlet. The intention of the multi-faceted genuine quartz crystal point is to bring in and really focus energies by way of it's six sided design. And just to top the whole thing off, this excellent Wand features a second genuine crystal point fastened to the tip of the wand that is likewise mounted with a silver plated filigree. Use this multi-faced second genuine quartz crystal point to channel ones own energy, enabling you to ultimately perfect your healing, spell work and rituals to all new plateaus.

This is a hand crafted wand and approaches roughly eight inches in length. The overall length and physical characteristics varies from wand to wand simply because they are each uniquely hand-made.

Magic Witch Agate Chakra Wands