Rose Quartz Healing Wicca Ritual Wand

Rose Quartz Healing Wicca Wands

Rose Quartz helps you to focus in to your true lasting love. This amazing love quartz crystal will throw open your spirit and can help to normalize it in preparation for loving relationships. This Real Magic Witches Ritual Rose Quartz Wand will certainly assist you to attract love, and furthermore beef up your current romance. It gives you romance and promotes profound spiritual healing. When your Real Rose Quartz Wiccan Ritual Wand is not used, place it close to you or beneath your pillow each night and it will also deliver you dreams of your romances. As if this were not quite enough, it will revitalize your Heart Chakra to heights you never ever believed possible. It is really an all around deliverer of strong love vibrations. Don't miss the opportunity on what your own life can grow to be!

This Real Rose Quartz Healing Witches Wand is created from a single chunk of Genuine Rose Quartz. On the bottom end is a clear genuine quartz crystal ball, on the top end is a multi-faced clear Genuine Crystal point. You will find ornate silver work through the middle of the wand that contains 7 garnet stones which represents the 7 Chakras! A outstanding therapeutic tool, hand-crafted just for you.

This hand-crafted Real Rose Quartz Healing Witch Ritual Wand measures around. 8" in size. Since it is hand-crafted, shape and size could differ.

Real Magic Rose Quartz Witches Wands